Philosophy & approach


If you turn on the radio, the music you hear sounds way too complicated. There’s a lot of production that goes into commercial music. Fun to listen to, but detached from people on a personal level.

On their song “Music is Big Business,” The All Mighty Senators point out that music is food for the soul. I agree with that sentiment — music should be something that’s done, not just listened to.

My goal is to connect people to the music that they love. The ukulele is a fun, enjoyable way to do that. It’s a simple instrument to pick up, but has complexity that can keep someone coming back.

In order to realize that dream, I want to work with you in learning the ukulele. We’ll work together to learn what you want to learn. We can work on chord patterns, vocal accompaniment, strumming, and finger picking, among others. We’ll work on music you want to play and move at your pace.

If you’d like to learn more details, or set up lessons, please feel free to use the Contact Me page to send me an e-mail.