About Me


I hold an A.A. in Music from Harford Community College, graduating in 2003. My focus while there was guitar performance, focusing on a classical pedagogy. After completing that, I switched focus to Mass Communications, completing a B.A. from York College of Pennsylvania in 2010. Currently, I am back at Harford Community College, pursuing a certificate in Business Management.

I began playing the ukulele in 2008. I felt my guitar playing had stagnated. I thought that a new instrument¬† would provide a new challenge that would reinvigorate my interest in playing. The ukulele is similar enough that many of the techniques can transfer over. But there’s enough differences in the tuning and technique that the change was a breath of fresh air.

Since that point, the ukulele has been my primary instrument. Most commonly, I play tenor ukuleles in high G tuning. I also have a concert ukulele and a guitalele. That’s the instrument in my picture.

I participate in the Baltimore Ukulele Club, attending their strum-alongs when possible. I also lead the Harford County Public Library‘s ukulele club.